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Website Maintenance Updates

We can perform website maintenance updates to your website in a professional and timely manner on an hourly basis or by retainer. Purchase a Website Maintenance/Development Retainer to get up to 50% off our normal hourly rates. We can customize our website maintenance/development retainer services to meet your needs. You can use the retainer hours at any time (they never expire) and for any web development service you need.

Acclaimed Web Development & Online Marketing can do your website maintenance for you. Website maintenance includes everything from basic text and image changes to major page reconstruction. Having your website maintenance performed by a professional means you will not risk breaking your existing website. Outsourcing website maintenance relieves you of the head ache of trying to hire staff that knows HTML or the expense of paying for staff training.

If you know that your company needs extra maintenance every month, Acclaimed Web Development & Online Marketing can still do all your website maintenance updates for you. Lock in the hourly rate you want by purchasing webmaintenance ahead of time! We will respond when you need us and get your website updates done fast.

Save time and money by purchasing website maintenance services today and use them whenever you need to update or modify your website.

Website Maintenance/Web Development Retainer Pricing

As an added value, you will receive our Starter SEO Package, which includes on-page SEO for up to 12 pages and creation and submission a Google Sitemap to Google Webmaster Central with any paid questions about website maintenance packages website maintenance retainer.