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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media consists of websites and forums that are based on user-created content. Social media marketing has very quickly become the hottest way to market yourself, your company and your website online. Social media marketing sites, like facebook.com are exploding and proving to be a great way to pass information along on the web with just a little effort.

Some examples of social media are blogs, social networking sites, such as facebook.com, myspace.com and linkedin.com, and event sites, such as meetup.com. Other examples are wikis, social bookmarking sites, such as Delicious and Stumbleupon, and photo sharing, video sharing, and slideshow sharing sites.

Another important aspect of social media marketing is online reputation management, which consists of constant monitoring of you and your company's reputation on the internet. Acclaimed Web Development & Online Marketing can monitor your online presence and promote your business through social media marketing sites such facebook.com and twitter.com.

We can also setup a blog for your business so that new content can be added to your website on a regular basis. You can post articles to your blog or you can have us do it for you.

Social Media Marketing Services

These are the services we offer that can help you get the cutting edge in your industry and not only get found by your prospective customers but be seen as an organization that is trendy and in the know:

  • Create pages for your company on facebook, twitter, myspace and linkedin
  • Post links to your blog on social media sites and bookmarking sites
  • Monitor your companies image on social media sites and search engines
  • Setup a blog for your company