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Search Engine Marketing Services

certified yahoo ambassadorPaid search engine marketing (SEM) is advertising on the search engines that is paid for or sponsored. The most common format of search engine marketing is pay per click (PPC), which means you pay only when someone clicks on your ad. The three most common search engine marketing programs are:

There is a complex set of factors that go into search engine marketing and placement of your ad including:

  • Click-through rate (CTR) - the number of people who view your ad divided by the number of people who click on the ad and visit your website
  • Cost per click (CPC) - The price you pay each time someone clicks on one of your SEM ads
  • Google Quality Score - The formula google uses to decide how to rank you paid ad

There are other SEM pricing models even though pay per click has been the standard, such as:

  • Pay per action (PPA) or Cost per action (CPA) - cost per action, such as form submission or sale
  • Pay per sale (PPS) or Cost per sale (CPS) - cost per shopping cart order submission
  • Cost per lead (CPL) - cost per lead, such as form submission
  • Cost per Impression (CPI) - cost per page impression
  • Cost per Thousand (CPM) - cost per thousand page impressions

Acclaimed Web Development & Online Marketing recommends participating with search engine marketing while you are waiting for your search engine optimization efforts to take effect and start bringing targeted traffic to your website. Search engine marketing often brings more targeted traffic to your website because you completely control the keywords, your bid and your ad copy. We also recommend doing SEM because it will give you almost immediate results while SEO results can take several months.

With Acclaimed Web Development & Online Marketing's SEM campaign management we can take care of the day-to-day details of finding the correct keywords to bring you targeted traffic that will result in leads and sales, deciding what the cost per click should be to maximize your return on investment (ROI)and watching your daily and monthly SEM budget.

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SEM Account Management

Let Acclaimed Web Development & Online Marketing setup and manage your pay per click campaigns in Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Ad Center and other third tier paid search marketing platforms. We will customize your search engine marketing to fit your business needs.

ROI & Conversion Tracking Setup

We can setup Return on investment and conversion tracking for you with Google Analytics. This is will also give you access to google's other website tools, such as website optimizer for multivariate testing. Google Analytics setup is free with any of our internet marketing services.

SEM/SEO Landing Page Design Services

The landing page is one of the most important factors in whether a click converts. If you don't have a website, we can create a landing page for you or we can consult with your web designers to make important changes to your current website/landing page.

Landing Page Consultation for existing websites

We will complete a review of your landing page and provide you with a full report of our recommendations on how to improve your landing page and maximize conversions from your paid search engine marketing.

New Landing Page Design

We can design a professional landing page for you that will get you leads and sales. We will use all the sales and design techniques we know from over six years of experience in Search Engine Marketing to get you the maximum number of conversions possible.